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January 2019

β€” How to screenshot YouTube video running in frame using JavaScript?


Probably, the best way to get the answer, is to reverse engeneer some code (of some browser extention that captures screenshots). i dont know any api that does that.

β€” So.. take ur shovel, and get to the party🀀

β€” Https://

β€” Ou yea, ty

β€” Dear guys, I'm lookgin something to undertand how to use javascript to do some nice effects to my website. Can you suggest me a link with recent update tutorial or examples? Thank you

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β€” Nice effect in terms of what?

β€” Animation or tricks to change color when you hoover with mouse carousel

β€” Regarding Carousel I really need to create a carousel showing the last post of the blog (which is in wp)

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β€” Well, to make animation you need some animation prototype which means you need graphics designer, you know it, right?

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β€” Since you are on wp take advantage of the plugins

β€” Usually as an animator you take existing animations over the net and play with numbers