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January 2019

β€” Hoho, who's here🀀


Weird case but do you know how to compile an appended html element with a custom vue directive? In this setup we only use vue for custom directives until now. We have one mounted vue container which needs to "detect" the dynamically appended html element containing the directive

β€” We know thats not the proper way to handle dom operations when using vue, but the setup is pretty complicated

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β€” I don't use async await lol, and loops are unneeded there anyway

β€” Https://

β€” Checkout the scroll bar on that page

β€” Oh, I am pretty sure Reddit(the new redesign) also uses it... Will have to check their code to make sure though.

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β€” I think, it's native, i just surprised that it's enlarged.. ye, firefox doesnt show.

β€” How to screenshot YouTube video running in frame using JavaScript?

β€” Probably, the best way to get the answer, is to reverse engeneer some code (of some browser extention that captures screenshots). i dont know any api that does that.

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β€” So.. take ur shovel, and get to the party🀀

β€” Https://