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October 2020

— Uint vs uint_t

— But if u meant should i use Exact-width integer types then use they can be nice for portability in other machines

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— Ok thanks

— Yes please


Hello everyone, i am 27 years old new with C and looking foward to make good contact.

My goal of this is to build a bot to work with MQ4 language so i can make it work on the financial market ( Currency ) forex.

If anyone want to chat in private or here let's do it.

— Be aware that int32_t is optional and not available on every architecture while int is mandatory.

— 👍

— Optional kind of implies it's a GCC extension or something

— It's available everywhere that conforms to C99+ or C11+

— No, but you can't guarantee availability because there are systems where a byte is not 8 bits and hence you can't have that type

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— But that's exactly why these things were implemented

— The only case in which they don't exist is e.g uint64_t in an architecture that only holds up to 32 bits

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— It's entirely possible that sizeof(uint8_t) != sizeof(char) in some architectures

— What about PDP-8? how would uint8/16/32/64_t be available there? and whether these types exist or not are up to your compiler, GCC implements uint64_t even for 8 bit AVR cpus

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— I highly doubt PDP-8 supports C99