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October 2020

— It is

— So, theoretically it is possible to put an UTF-32 pacman in a single char on some DSPs

— All trig functions are in rads

— And rads are more convenient imo


No, it's not. It depends on what you think the byte is. If it's a smallest bit of addressable memory then it can be anything, depending on the cpu architecture.

— When writing C is better to use uint or uint_t ?

— Int is signed and uint is unsigned

— No mean the t sorry

— Uint vs uint_t

— But if u meant should i use Exact-width integer types then use they can be nice for portability in other machines

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— Ok thanks

— Yes please

— Hello everyone, i am 27 years old new with C and looking foward to make good contact.

My goal of this is to build a bot to work with MQ4 language so i can make it work on the financial market ( Currency ) forex.

If anyone want to chat in private or here let's do it.

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— Be aware that int32_t is optional and not available on every architecture while int is mandatory.

— 👍