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October 2020

— Reported JABBAR to admins.​​​​​​​​​​​​

— /warn offtop

— User JABBAR has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:

— Purge complete.


Is there a way to make 32-bit assembly run on 64-bit computers without having to use an infinite number of libraries?

— X86-64 is backwards compatible with x86-32

— What he said

— ld: la arquitectura i386 del fichero de entrada `asmworld.o' es incompatible con la salida i386:x86-64

I think it means "the architecture i386 of the input file 'asmworld.o' is incompatible with the output i386:x86-64".

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— It's backward compatible means it can understand the code if you compile it with the correct options

— When solving for inverse trigonometric variables, why do we multiply the value by (180/pi)?

for example, if x=45 deg
we have to do atan(x)*(180/pi)

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— Does atan returns values in radians and then we have to convert it into degrees?

— An nasm-compiled hello-world program in ASM happens to be bigger (9032 bytes) than a tcc-compiled hello-world program (3124 bytes), so I will get myself to learn C; I am not going to program for a really, really old computer, anyways; I am going to program for the computers as old as the ones we have here at Venezuela. They are not old, but they are not powerful.

It is usually hard to look for a specific book that has not been edited to be shorter than the original in my country, so wish me luck.

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— Gl

— Gcc actually uses 32 bit registers if the value does not take up more than 32 bytes.

— Purge complete.