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October 2020

— Seems like it's debshit made worse

— Debian is a really bad OS

— Off-topic, but OK.

(The only thing bad about Debian is antiX)

— Then head to OT, lol


I have that too; I am considering using it, but the floppy will not be doing too much noises during use of the program, due to UPX copying to RAM the program.

Though... it doesn't seem like people will mind, so meh.

— /warn read the rules

— That's 2/2 warnings; Isai is banned!
1: read the rules
2: read the rules

— I guess some people will never learn it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— Can anyone help me to suggest which website are best learning to algorithm?

— What do you mean by "to algorithm"?

— Useful site with C++ and Python code: geekfsorgeeks,

— If u know more advanced topic, or aim to more difficult problem, see other site such as:,

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— AT&T sucks

— Assembly produces the smallest binary size

— Oh i tought me