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October 2020

— I tried to compile with

the Hello World program I compiled with

It is about 12000 bytes of difference in terms of size. I like it.

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— Have you compiled a striped binary without debug symbols and such?)

— Another one bites the dust...!
Banned Andrew.

— It's no way helloworld would be 12k


I already have non-free firmware installed (iwlwifi, intel-microcode) on Devuan, so I think changing kernel won't do a thing.

I would go and change hardware later when Venezuela gets a good economy again that has libre drivers.

— Yes it will

— Libre kernels are stupid

— Tcc will always make smaller code than gcc. not faster, but smaller

— When you do not send a firmware to your device it will use outdated firmware

— Check upx too, it's a godsend for stripping binaries

— And outdated firmware will always have issues

— Example libre kernels reject microcode updates

— So you are vulnerable to spectre and meltdown

— So Linux kernel sends the firmware installed on Devuan to the hardware?

Also, 4.19 is installed. I did not enable auto-update.

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— ... oh.