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January 2019

β€” Https://


JavaScript Fundamentals Before Learning React

A concise list of all the different JavaScript functionalities that can be used to complement a React app. -


β€” Can I ask about other languages as I'm a beginner eg httml and css

β€” Btw, you always allowed to tell bastard what he deserves🀀 just use direct messaging, i dont think that it's useful here

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β€” Ok done, deleted all messages

β€” I will only share my JS project in C++ group

β€” They dont bash me

β€” Awesomeeeeeee

β€” I'm so proud Dani

β€” You are starting to fall into the dark side πŸ˜„

β€” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

β€” determin1st we are gonna respect you and introduce you too to the dark side, in opposite to fp developers

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