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January 2019

— The alternative are callbacks like fp or message passing


There are more but I'm thinking something easy to implement in order to do a PoC and show an example of how to implement protothreads with OS threads, and auto-thread js code

— A combination of async and co-routines can be awesome, async for the I/O thread pool and spawn for V8 thread pool, I think it can even be done without need of metacall, only with nodejs

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— How do you come to your metacall? why you think it will be useful and where?

— I started js to build an app for accounting.. and now im here🤤

— Jezuz, its not even close to the start point

— You can use metacall to embed nodejs in android if you want

— Or you can use it to build microservices /functions

— Termux does that already :P

— Yep, it's just an example

— So.. string keys are always follow chronological order in objects. to get it, one can use Object.getOwnPropertyNames and Reflect.ownKeys..

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— Https://