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January 2019

— Well, seems like they have good code review before anything gets approved


The task got to the point of consuming me. I started bringing my laptop to family dinner every night. I had a hard time sleeping at night. I tried getting away from it for a few hours but my mind wouldn't let it go. I COULDN'T LET IT GO. The first tab in browser every fucking morning was Bugzilla bug 1314057 -- I hated that fucking tab. I'll never forget that bug number for the rest of my night. Every weekly DevTools meeting I teased that removing the old debugger was almost done, only to feel like a clown the next week when a patch was rejected or there were more tests to move. I tried to show a brave, professional face whenever asked about the task's status but privately I felt humiliated, stupid, any but a "senior developer."

— Wow lol

— Didn't realize people are this insecure

— One of my favorite qualities about myself is that, even at an ancient 35 years old, I still have the childlike enthusiasm to attack new tasks without fear.

But not the adultlike rationality to tackle failure

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— For example, if the old directory had a head.js file and the new directory also had a head.js file, it may look like the old directory's head.js file simply changed, and the history of the new head.js would be gone. It was a very valid point that I simply hadn't thought about.

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— Very good point

— It seems to me that he handled it as well as could be expected, and came out with his story.

— Admitting to his failures and deciding to learn from and share them is a good thing

— I don't get it, git has lossy history?

— Won't it always show both?

— Yes