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January 2019

— Decidability !== determinism though


They are indirectly related in implementation but not theory of operation, since non-determinism can still yield decidability and vice versa

— Right, but either way

— Impurity makes either more difficult


Louis Savain, who calls himself a “rebel scientist”, is probably a minor figure, but deserves exposure as an excellent example of a certain mindset. Savain is a crackpot who disagrees with most of the major discoveries in modern science, including relativity and evolution, and has written several posts of “scientific” takedowns of theories of which he appears to have a rather tenuous grasp. Instead, Savain comes up with his own hypotheses and theories, often based to a greater or lesser extent on the Bible.

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— The dude is not really worth giving any attention to apparently

— Oh KEK

— Also, as you obsessed with "authority of science", and, as i discovered erlier FP spread point comes from university ppl, here is some PhD:

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— JS works on hashtables (objects), JSON is a hashtable.

— Same holes here

— Making all the wrong assumptions

— *sigh*