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January 2019

— A good side effect is one that cannot be ignored by the software designer because the system will not allow it.

Guess which systems enforce this for all types automatically?

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FP forces the use of a particular type of parallelism, thread-based parallelism.

Completely wrong again

— Christ

— FP programs are notoriously wasteful of CPU cycles because they do not allow the use of shared variables or data.

Jesus fuck

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— determin1st even you must see that this is complete nonsense

— Blind statement after blind statement

— FP is non-deterministic.

Is the author high??

— I'd say impure is less deterministic

— Or at least: more difficult to automatically determine

— Decidability !== determinism though

— They are indirectly related in implementation but not theory of operation, since non-determinism can still yield decidability and vice versa

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— Right, but either way