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January 2019

— Same


It remains that one part of a program will affect another and that is unavoidable. Dependencies are a fact of life in software.

Absolute bullshit, functional languages enforce only pure direct dependencies

— That is to say, code that is unaware of changes that are relevant to itself and the proper functioning of the program.

Completely impossible to do in functional languages

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— All code must be explicitly made aware of changes that are relevant to it through arguments

— What is needed is a software system that automatically discovers and resolves all data dependencies in a program. And, unfortunately for the FP lobby, this little bit of magic can only be performed with the use of shared mutable variables.

KEK, no, this is exactly what functional "software systems" DO automatically, without using shared mutable state at all

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— A good side effect is one that cannot be ignored by the software designer because the system will not allow it.

Guess which systems enforce this for all types automatically?

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— FP forces the use of a particular type of parallelism, thread-based parallelism.

Completely wrong again

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— Christ

— FP programs are notoriously wasteful of CPU cycles because they do not allow the use of shared variables or data.

Jesus fuck

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— determin1st even you must see that this is complete nonsense

— Blind statement after blind statement

— FP is non-deterministic.

Is the author high??