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January 2019

— One of the stated goals of FP is that side effects between different parts of a program should be eliminated because they are inherently harmful

Wrong, nobody wants to eliminate side effects, they should just be controlled

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How does creating a new variable to replace the old one not constitute a state change, pray tell? Aren’t these newly created immutable variables used as arguments to other functions so as to generate a new effect? When a function uses a new set of arguments that is not equal in value to the previous set, does that not constitute a change of state?

Because the function you give it to is pure, obviously

— What a retard

— He also completely misunderstands what effects are...

— Ye ye🤤

— Yes

— Yes? wat. you said no!

— Are there really only 2 active people on here...

— I'm getting 85 online

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— No to what?

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