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January 2019

— Ts + x*24*60*60


If you just go down, remove jump functionality from THREAD. And I didn't "smash the state", I removed it

— No, it's okay either way

— Names cost nothing, arrays cost more

— Like thread uses

— It may use names. i just see no reason to upgrade it becase its only few funcs.

— When i get to the case where it will be more.. then

— It's clearer

— Easier to understand

— Especially when you remove THREAD

— THREAD just duplicates concerns

— Functions need to redirect to eachother:
A) give them refs to eachother
B) put them in a list and have them return some value to say where in the list they should go to next, then make a control structure to pass refs around and to call the next function to run.

Which sounds better?

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