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January 2019

— Because state does not


Because it's global, and thus subject to:
* Waiting
* Mental overhead
* Possible data corruption (easy to do in threaded environments)

— But even for these two cases, separating things out and even moving subsections into different files is stupidly easy if needed

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— Because everything is pure

— I only see how you smashed the state and its handlers over the file with this style. so, to understand what it does, you have to move up and down. simple code is when you go down and the result/logic becomes clearer.

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— So when you compose a bunch of funcs its okay until their bodies are big and their count is low.

— Also you pollute code with names you have to keep in memory

— Https://

— Finished

— 🤤

— Https://

— Only Canada jobs plz..