Message from JavaScript discussions

January 2019

β€” I dont get what are you trying to prove🀀 ye, okay, callbacks for events


const o = (f, g) => (...a, cb) =>
g(...a, (err, data) =>
? cb(err)
: f(data, (err, data) =>
? cb(err)
: cb(null, data)));

β€” Sure, less pretty since errors don't automatically get handled

β€” But better than threading primitives

β€” Yes, so no timers

β€” It's a better system

β€” Notify me when you're done
Let me check every n milliseconds if it's done

β€” Thinking about it, this has way more restrictions than any other way

β€” Since it requires order

β€” Can't be reused in a concurrent system

β€” Which sounds nicer?

β€” Which sounds more performant?