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January 2019

— Nope


Nah its not.
But else if is the same as

else {
if(condition) {

You know you can do
if(true) console.log(true)
instead of
if(true) { console.log(true) }
Thats basically happening when using else if. Like Thomas wrote above.

— Well, it is real, but it's a superset

— This is how all C-like languages work

— Never knew

— This is the "no" part. if you know that JS is better, then why dont you use node.js to automate that?

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— "no" part?

— This is legacy as fuck

— Just being maintained because rewriting takes longer

— Here

— It would not have been written in batch if it was written today

— Excuses.. non-blocking stuff is too complex to assemble, that's why. even THREAD is simplier😅