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January 2019

— Airtel free browsing setting for 2019, check for setting on the blog post

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Hi guys, do you only code in JavaScript? Or do you use some back end languages too? I'm not sure on which language to learn for back end development, I was thinking on Rails framework of Ruby, what do you suggest?

— Why don’t you use JavaScript with nodejs?

— I was thinking on node too, but I want to have another language beside node, because I read that node is not suitable for heavy CPU apps

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— But node is for sure in my list

— Are you writing CPU-heavy apps?

— What kind of app is that?

— PHP🤤's okay.. elephant

— For example video apps, or multiple calculation apps

— No, but you should always got a card in your hand 😁

— Wat

— Yeah, better to use go or erlang