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January 2019

— With metacall you can build that architecture easily, and you don't care about devops


Then, if the python backend is more expensive, they will be scaled independently of the nodejs frontend

— Or the opposite, if the nodejs handles a lot of requests, and the backend less, it will be scaled independently

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— That's a practical example focused on distributed systems

— Why should i write in two languages? maybe i dont know JS good enough to make a backend.. so i make it PHP, but the API to the web backend is already universal, right. there is AJAX or maybe i will try fetch

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— Yes it is, but what about devops?

— And how about to test it easily in your laptop?

— You cannot test your cluster as easy as with metacall

— You can use it without interconnecting languages too

— Just as a normal FaaS

— But without third party code

— The same functions of nodejs can be exported easily