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January 2019

— And say "abstracted servers as a service" instead


determin1st you can write a backend in py, for example for data analysis, and a frontend with js, to offer the view, i.e the information filtered and maybe a template language to generate html or other formats

— With metacall you can build that architecture easily, and you don't care about devops

— Then, if the python backend is more expensive, they will be scaled independently of the nodejs frontend

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— Or the opposite, if the nodejs handles a lot of requests, and the backend less, it will be scaled independently

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— That's a practical example focused on distributed systems

— Why should i write in two languages? maybe i dont know JS good enough to make a backend.. so i make it PHP, but the API to the web backend is already universal, right. there is AJAX or maybe i will try fetch

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— Yes it is, but what about devops?

— And how about to test it easily in your laptop?

— You cannot test your cluster as easy as with metacall

— You can use it without interconnecting languages too

— Just as a normal FaaS