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January 2019

— Bar barbar-bar-barbar bar bar barbar-bar-barbar. is a valid and meaningful norwegian sentence


For most assignment operators you need to have variable declared and have a value before. It does not make sense to move the bits from the right to left when there is no left value. So it should be assignment, not declaration and assignment

var x = 5;
var y = 5;
x <<= y;

— determin1st take a look at this

— Https://

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— How can I create mobile app with my Android phone

— What should i say?🤤

— The idea is kind of.. synthetic. if something can run shell, it can run scripts/programs in other language. it's some kind of abstraction i dont understand without example

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— Do you have an example in the article

— It's my project, i have just released it

— It is super-simple, like why do i need to a + b if can copy-paste-adapt that code and it will do the same thing?

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— Please help

— Did you play fallout 2 online?