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January 2019

— ^ check these resources instead Michael


I'm now here: this was recomended in the list and it's in German, which is a plus and nice to have :D

Thank you for your feedback and happy new year! JavaScript is nice to have :D

— Actually, "bar" in the dialect the word was invented in is akin to "blah" in english

— W3school sux.. var is not for artists, it's for pragmatics🤤

— Random-ass fact I somehow remember, lol

— "barbar" means "blah blah" essentially

— So the word is moreso meaning "gibberish-ians"

— Maybe not, but the best explanation🤤

— Bar barbar-bar-barbar bar bar barbar-bar-barbar. is a valid and meaningful norwegian sentence

— For most assignment operators you need to have variable declared and have a value before. It does not make sense to move the bits from the right to left when there is no left value. So it should be assignment, not declaration and assignment

var x = 5;
var y = 5;
x <<= y;

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— determin1st take a look at this

— Https://

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