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January 2019

— Happy new year🍾🍾🍾


I'm using to learn JavaScript - is var no longer state of the art??? The pace of the is a little bit slow, but it works.

They show <== on this site and I don't understand when you would like to use something like this...

— Don't use w3schools :/

— ^ check these resources instead Michael

— I'm now here: this was recomended in the list and it's in German, which is a plus and nice to have :D

Thank you for your feedback and happy new year! JavaScript is nice to have :D

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— Actually, "bar" in the dialect the word was invented in is akin to "blah" in english

— W3school sux.. var is not for artists, it's for pragmatics🤤

— Random-ass fact I somehow remember, lol

— "barbar" means "blah blah" essentially

— So the word is moreso meaning "gibberish-ians"

— Maybe not, but the best explanation🤤

— Bar barbar-bar-barbar bar bar barbar-bar-barbar. is a valid and meaningful norwegian sentence