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December 2018

— See, the scrollbar handle doesnt reflect to the position


Some native scrollbars, change their handle size when content grows.. yours probably is bound to very large buffer size and doesnt move any pixel

— There is no handle or scroll bar

— You say I should be moving the native scrollbar?

— Why?

— I would much rather add a scroll bar in the terminal window using ASCII

— For example, if you have some text in the area, but there is no indicator how much % of text is below/above, that means, you dont know🤤 scrolling may work, sure, but i refer to the UI in whole, not to some part of it.

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— Maybe you dont need it🤤

— Thanks captain obvious

— I was referring to making the scrolling functionality work via page up / page down


function logScroll(offset) {
const index = startIndex + offset;
if (index > textLines.length || index < 0) return;
startIndex = index;

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— You can make it one-line, like in vim