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December 2018

— You can trim callers before they complete, destroying functions which called others deeper down in the stack like a stack shift

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You can also add callers above a callee while the callee is running, changing the return path to instead be a call to a function which never ran yet, a stack splice

— With these techniques, I am adding Tail Call Optimization to JS

— The compiler can detect proper tail calls and mark them so that the runtime detects them, and upon detection the runtime may call this splice on the stack to prune it

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— Hz-dispatcher is very very good at manipulating the flow of data in a JS program, and is able to route errors and return data wherever it desires, which is why I am also eventually going to implement Smalltalk-like hot-editing in which a JS program may be edited in-flight/during execution

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— Https://

— Lol

— I have a terrible idea for this

— It doesn't work on my github profile though

— They have not updated to support the new profile

— Oh you have to turn off Activity Overview

— Or not, haha, I think it's not working at all