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December 2018

— That would leave time for a dev to attach handlers


You can just model it as a thenable, and when it errors, it's the devs responsibility to attach handlers

— And if not, it silently fails

— It just ends up stopping early and storing the error with the thenable, so it works fine for async handling

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— Yeah I wanted to handle it like that if it's a spawn because I don't think a corouitne nuking all the others is neccesary

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— This sounds way worse

— I can try an implementation for thenables tbh

— It's risky if I don't stop, but it's also un-handleable if you compiled in standalone mode among others... like there's no way to handle it at all in those cases

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— Just creating a function that wraps spawn expressions

— And we can later modify spawn to inject the call or something

— Ok, so I think I can do all this in userspace with references

— I would need some kind of primitive though