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December 2018

— Yes, okay, it may be interleaved, delayed, skipped for now, etc..


concurrent processes can be executed on one core by interleaving the execution steps of each process via time-sharing slices: only one process runs at a time, and if it does not complete during its time slice, it is paused, another process begins or resumes, and then later the original process is resumed. In this way, multiple processes are part-way through execution at a single instant, but only one process is being executed at that instant.

— This is the best part

— Although hz by itself cannot do it

— It describes it perfectly, from Wikipedia

— It can be done with the correct support at low level

— I call it synchroneous🤤

— That's related to process scheduling

— But you can still have two process at same time being processed

— While both are being interleaved with others

— That is more abstract than concurrency

— Concurrency can change between synchronous or asynchrnous