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December 2018

— Hahaha, it will be wild


I want to break hz as much as possible like that, it helps me detect the edge cases and make them work... I need to test a lot

— Most of times they don't even know how event loop works

— What you can do with hz is to handle computations concurrently

— But for web.. they are not too expensive

— For a game engine it may be interesting

— I.e managing the event queue of the user input concurrently

— Concurrent events or situations happen at the same time. from the dictionary🤤

— In computer science, it is not true

— In a game engine is ok because you can process input while rendering at same time

— But web is not so expensive

— It is simply that the time frame of their execution, from start to end, can overlap, however in a single thread no one function may run at any given time

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