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December 2018

β€” Callback hell is eliminated completely by hz when the callback is due to async


And, really it's not hz, it's the low level concept of concurrency... so all the langs I looked at which supported the same kind of concurrency were more or less devoid of most forms of callback hell

β€” As an example

β€” Are you guys some kind of united gangπŸ˜…

β€” I spam the ever loving hell out of them constantly lol

β€” I brainwashed them

β€” Is it working on you? XD

β€” Also dependency. if i take, for example, jquery-ui slider and drag one handle to another and see how it overlaps, i think, it's not good for me (it lacks an option to stop the drag when handles meet). i throw it away, take another, or implement my own manually. With Herz, i wont be able to throw it, if im going to compile my code with Herz, then i should follow the usage rules, right?

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β€” I'm not sure how to understand this use case or how hz would help

β€” Maybe while dragging the slider, you mean run some code to do a conditional?

β€” I mean, can i compile generic project with Herz and it will be okay?

β€” Ahhh, yes!