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December 2018

— This is a range slider prototype ive been making for jquery-ui... generally scrollbar is a range-slider

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As an example, my original vision was not coroutines, but rather Linux-like Green threads, and it just so happens that coroutines pave the way for true preemptively scheduled Green threads in JS, impossible until now no matter where you look

— To compare your existing interfaces and environment to it is naive, but not unexpected as almost all other developers immediately do this and prefer to stay locked inside their padded cell

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— Someone said to me, "Why can't I use promises?", and it was after I said Promises are not needed because hz makes them obsolete, but their perception of this news was negative and uncomfortable, as I presented entirely new ways of programming they were not familiar with or prepared to understand

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— Maybe they are not locked, just done it *manually* and okay with the result

— No

— It is an indication that the reader is thinking too "small"

— On the interface level or function level

— A jquery slider

— Rather, the problem is solved at a much higher level, the entire application itself

— You think that it's small?

— I do