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December 2018

— You do not appear to be familiar, at all, with fault tolerant and real time systems design


A single setTimeout containing a while(true) will still freeze everything, it will just happen later

— Spawn will not freeze anything

— The point is response time

— Imagine what NodeJS is, it is 3 parts: V8 connected to a C++ middleware, connected to a libuv thread pool

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— The reason is exactly to be able to stop at ANY expression

— Libuv is attached because, when NodeJS is busy running JS, it can not respond to requests

— If NodeJS could be interrupted at any time to begin processing a request, libuv is not neccesarily needed (but still recommended)

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— I do not design while (true) to freeze everything

— You can with Hertz

— (Without freezing everything)

— while (true) is just a tool to show what happens