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December 2018

— Let's say user calculates 3*3 10k times a second, memoization?


That would come after the multiprocessing stage of the project, in which it has direct control over CPU cores

— There are actually ways to determine it automatically, but that's not what is happening

— ^^^ determin1st

— I could target "hot" functions and make an operand cache paired with an output cache, and the dependency analysis could inform it of whether or not it is appropriate to re-use old outputs rather than re-running a function

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— Yeee

— Right now I haven't gotten to the multithreading stage yet, which is required to do the multiprocessing stage

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— Not using labels? :(

— Maybe only target functions that run for > n chunks

— Still considering it, just focused on other things atm

— To avoid creating caches at all for tiny ones

— I want to try the label idea