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December 2018

— ^ does this look simultaneous?


Indeed without the use of spawn, there is no concurrency in an hz program, and it runs with the same execution style as it was before it was compiled

— Okay, let's go back. i asked for an "real-world" example, running two "prepared" functions simultaeously is okay, but if you call them synchroneous, then they generally are not prepared

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— Let's say you abstract:
f = n => n + n * n;

Now you can calculate different numbers simultaneously:

spawn f(2);
spawn f(4);

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— What does "prepared" mean?

— Assuming "prepared" means async / interruptible:
HertzScript makes EVERY function "prepared"

— Will not collide, may be run in any order, etc

— Not simultaneously, concurrently

— Yes

— That depends on the caller


var f = hzUserLib.hookArrowCoroutine(function*(n) {
(yield hzUserLib.returnValue([(yield hzUserLib.add([n, (yield hzUserLib.multiply([n, n]))]))]));

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— It does not do this currently but it is planned