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December 2018

— The actual equation itself executes identically to regular JS code


When a yield happens, another function gets a chance to run a chunk of work, then control is returned to the first function

— If you wanted to run specific parts concurrently, you do:

spawn chunkOne();
spawn chunkTwo();

— Read what I wrote man

— Otherwise,

run as normally expected

— ^ does this look simultaneous?

— Indeed without the use of spawn, there is no concurrency in an hz program, and it runs with the same execution style as it was before it was compiled

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— Okay, let's go back. i asked for an "real-world" example, running two "prepared" functions simultaeously is okay, but if you call them synchroneous, then they generally are not prepared

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— Let's say you abstract:
f = n => n + n * n;

Now you can calculate different numbers simultaneously:

spawn f(2);
spawn f(4);

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— What does "prepared" mean?

— Assuming "prepared" means async / interruptible:
HertzScript makes EVERY function "prepared"

— Will not collide, may be run in any order, etc