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December 2018

— Me_irl



— I've made some sloppy css group concept for my renderer lib.. now, strucked with some matrix equations and transform-origin computation🤤 that feels good..

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— The test will look like this(2d only):

— Do you need help with 3d?

— With 2d probably, not 3d, 3d is too complex

— But here you are using matrix 3d

— You can click "Show Advanced Settings" and uncheck "I want to use 3D", there will be only 3 points, in 3d there are 4 points

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— 3d is not used widely in user interface

— So.. element position/size transition may be transformed (using FLIP tech) so it will not eat CPU, but GPU. this will allow to make complex widgets..

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— Anyway, lets party tune🤤

— Https://