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December 2018

— Like a restaurant menu


Hmm.. i dont know but🤤 hey Floofies, maybe we should make some robo-cop at 1000 users.. i have no idea what it will do😅

— I like this bot: AwesomeFaceAppBot

— What do you mean? Some bot to manage the group?

— Ye, some chat parser, like "learn javascript" => tada

— Answerer.. or idk

— Hola!

— I need some help from you gurus

— I have a telegram bot, I need to send me every Monday the week agenda (from google calendar)

How can I achieve that?

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— Hello

— #ask about gulp, browserify, node_modules
how bundle lib form node_modul to run perfectly.
i was create bundle lib, but js not work ..
bundle lib success, main.js not work (not call)

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— Https://