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December 2018

β€” Debugging race condition is a waste🀀 i see no way to fix it, except chaining


I mean you are debugging exclusively one function, but another is already completed (in another thread).

β€” That's packed

β€” I have a Telegraf.js bot anybody knows how to have a list of items with a title and an image?
Actually every element should be a callback button, so every element of the list return the related invoice message

Thank you in advance πŸ™

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β€” Like a restaurant menu

β€” Hmm.. i dont know but🀀 hey Floofies, maybe we should make some robo-cop at 1000 users.. i have no idea what it will doπŸ˜…

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β€” I like this bot: AwesomeFaceAppBot

β€” What do you mean? Some bot to manage the group?

β€” Ye, some chat parser, like "learn javascript" => tada

β€” Answerer.. or idk

β€” Hola!

β€” I need some help from you gurus