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December 2018

— Are you talking about Hz specifically?


Packed, it's when it runs parallel.. depending on time may be a mistake. with this code:

spawn(sleep, 1000);
spawn(sleep, 2000);
you will get different results in async vs parallel mode. results should be equal to be useful, imo.


spawn(computeOneConcern, params1);
spawn(computeAnotherConcern, params2);

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— Do you mean, transpiled / without transpiling?

— It doesnt matter, the problem happens only when concerns meet

— I have never seen packed before

— I don't understand the meaning

— Async is mostly parallel too

— Sleep function depends on time, time is a single concern, see

— So if the data/concern is the same, it will be a race condition

— There are debuggers for threads too

— It doesn't matter if the code has race conditions or not