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December 2018

— What's wrong? xD


Nothing, I don't understand debuggers and have no motivation to dig into it deeper, at least for now

— To me it's really interesting

— I'm so interested in low level

— It's so powerful

— I see no problem in debugging parallel code, you have to *unpack* it first, because, if something can run parallel, then it can be chained in a debug sequence where you step over each function, check the result, check the execution code and when it's okay, pack it back into parallel.. but the debugging in parallel, when its packed and runs simultaneosly is a problem.

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— I don't understand what you mean by 'pack'

— Are you talking about Hz specifically?

— Packed, it's when it runs parallel.. depending on time may be a mistake. with this code:

spawn(sleep, 1000);
spawn(sleep, 2000);
you will get different results in async vs parallel mode. results should be equal to be useful, imo.

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spawn(computeOneConcern, params1);
spawn(computeAnotherConcern, params2);

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— Do you mean, transpiled / without transpiling?

— It doesnt matter, the problem happens only when concerns meet