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December 2018

— But I want to make the details known


No one ever did it before... I am proud of myself but not proud because of doing it first... I am concerned because I did it first, I want other JS devs to learn about what is possible and change their perspective

— I mean you may give only the api for spawning

— Right

— I wanted to make it very simple

— The compilers are needed to interpret the spawn keyword and make the code run concurrently

— It's because I do it all within the VM.... no cheats or hacks that involve messing with VM internals

— Yes.. and you may take function or array of functions as a parameter

— Hmm, so far only 1 funtion per spawn

— But I like the array idea

— spawn [func1(args), func2(args)] maybe

— Looks like you try to remake async keyword🤤