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December 2018

— Both


The kernel is just that old bastard child hertzfeld kernel, the interrupt is pretty much any signal you want to make the code pause, giving control to something else on-demand

— In a kernel, you need interrupts to do multithreading (in this case fake emulated multithreading on 1 thread) so that's why those 2 things are related

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— Ohh

— How do debuggers pause code in runtime?

— I have no idea!

— Would this be useful for someone who builds debuggers, for example?

— I don't think so, as to even use the system it has to transpile all the code... making it super hard to read and even harder to step through

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— You need to make sourcemaps

— Hz code is basically un-debuggable right now... I had to revert to barbarian caveman console logging

— Oogga booga, etc

— You need to think about this I think