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December 2018

— When you see words: we, our project, everybody, join together,.. etc. be careful. its not that simple detected

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Togetherness cannot be infinitive i think.Maybe under purpose of help or a problem like aliens otherwise..

— Or maybe a technology that contains every technology;

— This girl is a pro-writer of the stories you posted above. checked.

— First using and collecting best resources and energy at best conditions until world die.As a pessimist If the land is failed to fail.Then we leave ground to fail another planet.Am i worng?

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— :D

— Ps: i just wanted to point out, that when you read something "big", checkout the author/sources. this girl writes a lot about politics and she is probably affected by communist ideologies..

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— All i had 3 personality michael. Me & Myself & I.

— Https://

— I Want to learn JavaScript From Scratch and i dont have any previous Programing language Knowledge...
Suggest Me some Good tutorials for Js

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— What is an angle that knows Java coding well and can show on Android's admob ADS computer is anyone who can do this work ....
Without Android os
Without android emulator

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— Want to learn JavaScript and conquer the world? Start here:

Tutorials and Books
- JavaScript For Cats ( is a dead simply introduction for new programmers.
- MDN JavaScript Guide ( has the most standard and straightforward tutorials. If you need references, MDN is here for you
- You Don’t Know JS ( is the best book to learn JavaScript from. It’s free to read on GitHub.
- Eloquent JavaScript ( is another great introduction to programming and learning JavaScript.
- Modern JavaScript Cheatsheet ( helps you understand and learn all the new features in the language.
- JSBooks (, a collection of free JavaScript books.

Videos and Courses
- JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts ( an incredible course which teaches the concepts of the language. First 3 hours
are free on YouTube, you can but the whole course from Udemy (
- FunFunFunction ( makes the learning process enjoyable.
- Javascript30 (, 30 videos to level up your skills.
- Traversy Media ( great contents mostly aimed for begginers.

Learn by Doing
- FreeCodeCamp (, learn to code by building projects.
- CodeAcademy (, learn to code interactively.
- Codewars (, train with programming challenges.

Functional Programming
This where the true the good parts show theirselves.
- JSUnconf 2016 (, learn functional programming basics with this talk from Anjana Vakil.
- FunFunFunction ('s videos are a great start.
- Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming ( and Functional Light JS ( will make you master the functional programming.
- JavaScript Allongé (, programming from functions to classes.
- Functional Programming Jargon ( in simple terms.
- awesome-fp-js ( is a good reference for functional programming in JavaScript.

Other Resources
- Spellbook of Modern Web Dev ( is a big picture of modern JavaScript development.
- What the fuck JavaScript? (, list of funny and tricky JavaScript examples.

What’s next?
You can learn Node.js for backend, or go crazy with front-end frameworks, or even further, create mobile

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