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December 2018

— Just checking up, no comparisons🤤


Not saying it in a bad way. Just that some times people compare prices of stuff but they forget to note that salaries are also very different and the cost of living in general. 😅
I moved from South America to Europe and see this all the time.

— Motherboard losing every condition

— Https://

— What isp provider? how many bandwidth?

— Lowi (Vodafone) 50 Mbps

— 33€**

— Uhh

— I think teh guys who has a lot of money can build internet which is isolated from politics for *special* people (maybe in a campside like southpark ) messing everything for free and wild.

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— This isnt readable🤤 i believe in personal monoliths, Musk, for example said about his free-internet thing with sattelites.

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— Https://

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— Communism doesnt work🤤 tested