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December 2018

— Anyone up for a little help?


I am writing a program for investment, and the investment increases lets say 5% in a day (using setInterval), now if the program get terminated (by Ctrl+C ), how can I continue the investment from that time (when the program get terminated)?

— Store value/datetime or use current datetime to calculate the value

— Heh michael any script to delete all messages from this app

— Just delete your account and recreate it

— I’m not a christian, and I know the origin of the christmas tree tradition

— But yes, I had just watched the Sabrina special

— You could save the value in a database (for your exercise I suggest SQLite since it’s not resource expensive and it’s essentially just a file alongside your app) and I suggest you to change from setInterval to a cron job

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— The only downside is that a cronjob has a minimum scale of a minute, but it’s easier to do

— And to change

— Im using mongodb BTW

— So you can save it on mongo