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December 2018

β€” The second one?


Yes agreed, this should get you the best overall performant applications. But then are a few rare examples.

β€” Can i build Same things with js as With p5? I mean cool sketches for sliders and so onπŸ€”

β€” Of course.

β€” Yes you can. See other examples of three

β€” Yes three is brilliant but was to much for me for start

β€” Well, now you understand p5. You can start to see how three works.

β€” Thats what i think

β€” Start with 2D examples. I think they are easier.

β€” I build a complete space in 3d With p5...Was quite easy...but i will try in three

β€” I see no evil🀀 its better than tons of small files smashed over filesystem

β€” Man I thought js was a huge happy community