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December 2018

— What other examples?


In my opinion three is better than p5 because it’s larger community.
It’s better to choose packages with larger community because you can find help if you need it.

Performance is about doing tricky shit. Because we understand those tricks doesn’t mean they are not tricks. You don’t start programming JavaScript by doing the best performant code. It’s not natural to this language.

— Engines tries to boost performance to most common scenarios.

— This example is enough

— To demonstrate what?
It runs.

— No, performance is about doing sensible, clean shit

— The second one?

— Yes agreed, this should get you the best overall performant applications. But then are a few rare examples.

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— Can i build Same things with js as With p5? I mean cool sketches for sliders and so on🤔

— Of course.

— Yes you can. See other examples of three

— Yes three is brilliant but was to much for me for start