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December 2018

— But as soon as you do:

function myCircle() {

function draw() {

You get:
TypeError: circle is undefined

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This breaks JavaScript, JavaScript does not behave like this, so that means that P5.js is fucking evaling your code for no reason

— Because draw Do all... I dont Deal With javascript...equal for me

— I need fast results... for that i like it

— And what's even worse is that it means that P5.js FORCES you to write everything in a single huge procedural function

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— It's fucking terrible

— Maybe for you pro's ... Not for me

— Eval also causes intense performance issues

— Maybe...i only Made one Project on IT and i like how easy IT is...

— Maybe not covering all...but to learn IT is perfecr

— When you have no time

— When you have no time, you pay someone to do it correctly