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December 2018

β€” Because NoSQL encompasses ANY solution, smart or dumb server, smart or dumb client, the only requirement for it to be a NoSQL solution is that it has no SQL

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I didnt even know wat nosql means, until visiting mongodb docs and you keep on saying "no no no". is this some kind of No-SQL concept🀀

β€” Lmao

β€” Hi Guys,
Can you give me insight? how to solve duplicate element once I append element using .append() inside .each() method on jquery.

this is my trigger, I have more than div example with class same.

<div class="dfp_leaderboard"></div>
<div class="dfp_leaderboard"></div>
<div class="dfp_leaderboard"></div>

and this is my code to append element to class on above :

$('.dfp_rectangle').each(function (indexAds) {
appendTextRetangle += "<div id='WT_Homepage_Rectangle1_"+indexAds+"'>"
appendTextRetangle += "<script type='text/javascript'>"
appendTextRetangle += "googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('WT_Homepage_Rectangle1_" + indexAds + "'); });"
appendTextRetangle += "<\/script>"
appendTextRetangle += "<\/div>"


and the result of the code with red square, and for good expectation result is square black.

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β€” Only re init the var inside the each

β€” Var appendTextRectangle = ''

β€” And solve

β€” I see, Thanks for help.

β€” Go for tree.js or choose another library? Context: sport shoes configurator

β€” Just don't do p5.js

β€” Lol

β€” Why?