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December 2018

β€” NoSQL does not mean that server is dumb, even if most NoSQL solutions have dumb servers


Because NoSQL encompasses ANY solution, smart or dumb server, smart or dumb client, the only requirement for it to be a NoSQL solution is that it has no SQL

β€” I didnt even know wat nosql means, until visiting mongodb docs and you keep on saying "no no no". is this some kind of No-SQL concept🀀

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β€” Lmao

β€” Hi Guys,
Can you give me insight? how to solve duplicate element once I append element using .append() inside .each() method on jquery.

this is my trigger, I have more than div example with class same.

<div class="dfp_leaderboard"></div>
<div class="dfp_leaderboard"></div>
<div class="dfp_leaderboard"></div>

and this is my code to append element to class on above :

$('.dfp_rectangle').each(function (indexAds) {
appendTextRetangle += "<div id='WT_Homepage_Rectangle1_"+indexAds+"'>"
appendTextRetangle += "<script type='text/javascript'>"
appendTextRetangle += "googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('WT_Homepage_Rectangle1_" + indexAds + "'); });"
appendTextRetangle += "<\/script>"
appendTextRetangle += "<\/div>"


and the result of the code with red square, and for good expectation result is square black.

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β€” Only re init the var inside the each

β€” Var appendTextRectangle = ''

β€” And solve

β€” I see, Thanks for help.

β€” Go for tree.js or choose another library? Context: sport shoes configurator

β€” Just don't do p5.js

β€” Lol